How Bail Bonds Work

If you've never had to get a bail bond before, it's likely that when presented with the task you don't know where to start. The professionals at Bad Boy Bail Bonds are here to help. Our friendly, understanding experts can help with a number of services:
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Bail Bonds

Bail allows the arrested person to be released from jail until their case is completed. The bail is the amount of surety bond, to ensure the arrested person attends their required court dates. The court system will set the amount of bail required for the arrested person's release.


How a Surety or Bail Bonds Work

Under Kansas state law, a company can provide a bail bond that guarantees payment of the full bail amount to the court if the arrested person does not show up for all court appearances required. To purchase a bail bond, contact the licensed bail service provider, Bad Boy Bail Bonds. You will be required to fill out some paperwork, and then the bail bondsman will begin the process for the arrested to be released. After the processing, the defendant will be released.


Surety or Bail Bond Prices

The bondsman charges a percentage of the total bail amount. This premium rate is set by the Kansas Department of Insurance. For example, in Kansas, if a bail amount is set at $20,000, the premium would be $2,000. This fee is non refundable.


The Arrested Person's Court Appearance

If the arrested person misses their court date, the judge will issue a bench warrant for their arrest, and the bond will be in forfeit. The cosigners and/or collateral posted will be held liable to pay for any and all legal/court fees, or associated fees.
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